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A Tour with Oaxacking: Mezcal Lalocura by Mezcal Reviews (EN)

The legend of Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles is growing quickly. His mezcals have been highly sought after in Oaxaca for many years and his personal brand, Lalocura, is quickly becoming one of the more well-acclaimed mezcals available on the international market. I’m not sure when Tyler and I first heard of Lalo. His name came up when visiting other producers in Lalo’s town of Santa Catarina Minas. We’d seen his name on some amazing older bottles from other brands. I also recall a few years ago at Mezcaloteca in Oaxaca City, asking a bartender who their favorite producer was. “There’s this guy named Lalo in Minas,” she’d told me. “He’s a living legend.”  Link to article:  A Tour with Oaxacking: Mezcal Lalocura

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Edouardo Angeles, l’homme derrière un “mezcal de folie“ by Mezcal Brothers (FR)

L’homme qui est derrière ce merveilleux mezcal s’appelle Edouardo Ángeles Carreño, on le surnomme “Lalo”. Il est considéré par beaucoup comme l’un des plus grands producteurs de sa génération.Ingénieur en agriculture, il connait ses terres et ses plantes par cœur et aime parler de filière Agave-Mezcal pour souligner l’importance du travail agricole dans l’élaboration de ce spiritueux.Fervent défenseur des traditions, il fait partie de la quatrième génération de mezcaleros, vieille de plus de 300 ans. Son père, Don Lorenzo Ángeles Mendoza, disparu il y a 4 ans, est une véritable légende. C’est à ses côtés qu’il a appris l’élaboration du mezcal. Il est maintenant producteur de mezcal depuis plus de 20 ans et a fondé sa propre distillerie en 2004.Le...

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Mezcal: the Mexican spirit that’s more than just a drink by Financial Times (EN)

The Mexican drink made from the agave plant has recently seen its popularity boom. There are more than 2,000 mezcal distilleries in the state of Oaxaca, many of them small, family-run operations. The FT’s Jude Webber learns how to make mezcal the traditional way, and discovers that in Oaxaca, it’s much more than just a drink. Link to article: Mezcal: the Mexican spirit that’s more than just a drink

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Getting Lost in Minas; Or, How to Love Mezcal by Thad Vogler (EN)

I was first introduced to Lalo by the city government of Oaxaca, who invited me down to meet with a few select producers. The Proyecto was intent on empowering producers to export and distribute themselves, rather than rely on third parties from the U.S., or wealthy Mexican exporters who operate the same way. The idea is for the capital—cultural and fiscal—to benefit these communities where the spirits have long been distilled. Link to article: Getting Lost in Minas; Or, How to Love Mezcal

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