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Tobala Lalocura Mezcal kopen
Mezcal Kopen Lalocura Tobala
Mezcal Tobala Lalocura
Kopen Lalocura Mezcal Tobala

Puro Agave

Tobalá Lalocura

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100% Maguey (Agave)     Destilado Ancestral
  • ABV - Size: 49.4% - 700ml.
  • Batch size: 400 liters (571 bottles)
  • Batch number: Tobalá2022-A
  • Maestro Mezcalero: Eduardo Angeles Carreño
  • Village: Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, México
  • Agave: Tobala (A. Potatorum)
  • Agave Age: 15 years
  • Oven: Prehispanic (earthen pit)
  • Milling: By hand with wooden mallets
  • Fermentation: Natural in Sabino vats
  • Fermentation time: 9 to 14 days
  • Still type: Clay Pot
  • Distillations: 2
  • Website:

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